What is Holistic Parenting?

A holistic approach to parenting means to become a wise steward over all aspects of a child's development. The development of the "whole child," meaning a healthy mind, body, and character, is essential. Widening the "toolkit" with multiple modalities and insights empowers and unlocks a parent's true potential, deepens the parent-child bond, and sets the child up for an even more promising future.

  • Get kids to willingly listen without yelling, threatening, or spanking

  • Keep kids more healthy in a toxic world

  • Discover your strengths and unlock your true parenting potential

  • Train children to be masters of their mind and better prepared to handle negativity, bullying, depression, or even thoughts of suicide

  • Homeschool and work from home without the headache

  • Learn the skill of intuitive parenting to increase connection and understanding

  • Have a calm, fun, loving, unified home - ALL THE TIME!

Why This Summit?

We're in a crisis. It's not just a health and financial crisis but a family crisis.

Depression, suicide, divorce, domestic violence, single-parent homes, childhood physical and psychological diseases (including Autism and ADHD) are on the rise. Parents are buckling under the weight of raising confident, healthy, and empowered children in an uncertain, toxic, and chaotic world. This summit is about coming together - parents and experts - to bring you better insights and tools to strengthen families and fortify homes NO MATTER YOUR FAMILY DYNAMICS. Your home is your sanctuary. But if you don't have the vision, skill set, and support, it won't be. We're here to help.
Why This Summit?

Meet Our Expert Presenters

What to Expect

  • 100% Virtual

    Access to the entire summit online. No traveling, childcare, and expensive hotels. Starting Sept.24th, the content will be released daily. Watch day or night until midnight on Sept 26th. After the summit, you can purchase the recording.

  • 100% Relevant

    Parenting today comes with its own set of challenges. Each presenter was thoughtfully selected to help you up-level your parenting potential with practical tips and strategies to save you time (and your sanity).

  • 100% Mission Driven

    The world needs your influence. More energized, empowered, and intuitive - you will create a legacy that will benefit generations to come. Your contribution also helps vulnerable children throughout the world through the Lighthouse Sanctuary and doTERRA's Hope Initiative.


  • How do I attend?

    The summit is 100% virtual. You can watch it day or night as long as you have access to a computer or smart phone.

  • How much does it cost?

    $10 gives you access to the event. Content will be released daily at 9 AM MST on September 24-25th, 2021. You will have a bonus day to catch up on September 26th.

  • What if I miss the conference or want to re-watch the presentations?

    You can purchase all of the recordings for $27. Proceeds goes towards supporting the Healing Hands Hope Initiative and Lighthouse Sanctuary.

Meet The Host

Kalli Wilson

Kalli Wilson is a certified holistic health coach, business mentor, podcasters and founder of the Life ReLaunch & Family ReLaunch Projects. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has a B.A. from Brigham Young University in international studies with an emphasis in development. An essential oil enthusiast, Kalli and her husband John are Presidential Diamond Leaders in doTERRA and lead a multi-million dollar sales team that expands the globe and reaches 20+ countries. She has a personal platform of empowering families globally through health, leadership, and entrepreneurial education. Parents to four boys and a little girl, Kalli and her husband John reside in Utah.
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Meet The Host